Bookmarks for SQL Server

These are my favourite references for SQL Server. Please feel free to suggest more:

SQL Server 2005 Command Rerference
SQL Server FAQ
Host .NET In SQL Server 2005 Express [ASP & .NET Tutorials]
How to connect to a SQL 2005 Server
How to debug T-SQL stored procedures
Idera Tools for Data Management – Products – SQLcheck
Introducing SQL Server 2005’s CLR Integration
Microsoft OLAP by Mosha Pasumansky Different forms of CrossJoin
Microsoft SQL Server – Lessons
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Home
SQL Server Database – Administration and T-SQL Programming Tips, Tutorials and Resources
SQL Server Hardware Tuning and Performance Monitoring
SMO Capture Mode – SMO Tutorials
SQL Backup – Compressed database backups, encrypted database backups
SQL Server Business Intelligence
SQL Server Magazine
SQL Server administration best practices Kondreddi’s home page
SQL Server Covering today’s SQL Server topics
SQL Server Database Performance Tuning And Other Articles
SQL Server DBA Questions & Answers
SQL Server Reference Guide
SQL Server Tips, Techniques and Articles
SQL Server undocumented stored procedures
SQL-server-2005-school at Programmers Heaven
SQL Server – ITtoolbox Groups – SQL Server Integration Services
T-SQL Learning Guide
The OLAP Report
Virtual Labs Home SQL Server 2005
What is new in SQL Server 2005
XQuery Inside SQL Server 2005

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